A Better Way to Measure: On Target TDS

Last week I posted my best attempt at wrangling together my last 6 groups of 10 rounds each to a single target. I did that in two ways, the mean point of impact of each group averaged together, and the extreme spreads of all the groups combined. Here are a few photos for a refresher:

Cumulative Mean 1-25-14/a>

Cumulative Extreme Spreads 2

As fate would have it I received an email from the creator of the program that I’ve been using lately to measure these groups, On Target. Jeff Block, who wrote the program, wanted to let me know of another program that he has, called On Target TDS (Target Data System). He sent me some instructions for how to compile my group on the latest version of this program, which I am trying on a free trial basis, which is available for download here.

Basically all I needed to do was to export each group onto a file, re-import it to On Target TDS, and it put all 60 rounds into a single group with the combined measures that I had posted earlier, but with greater accuracy:

Cumulative Group

There are still some features that I have yet to explore on this program, but so far it seems like it has some very useful features for those of us who really want to be able to examine what we are doing.  I’ll post on my explorations in greater depth as I plunge those depths.

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