Close Range Performance Update

I had expected to show great improvement with my 7 yard hit ratio and times, as my practice had seemed to be very fruitful in terms of what I was seeing as far as changes over the course of the week. I had gotten a lot faster, and the consistency was coming in nicely. Daily work had brought me just a bit further every day. I had just figured out that applying some rearward pressure from the firing hand on the grip helped smooth out the presentation of the rifle, especially as it stops at the target. Heading out to the range I fully expected to see a vast improvement.

For whatever reason I had a really off day. It was cold out, not in the single digits like it had been, but not much warmer than that. I had recently discovered how much of a difference goggles make to shield oneself from the cold, so I was wearing them for the first time while shooting under these circumstances. By the time I made it to actually firing a shot, my feet were already way too cold. I was probably preoccupied and in a bad mood from other stuff that was going on. I probably just wasn’t moving or perceiving quickly.

Both my times and my hit ratio were drastically worse than before. At seven yards, my average time was 1.21 seconds. I only had two shots out of the 18 that were below my average time for the previous outing. My hit rate 13/18, was down by 17%.

At 25 yards my average time was about a half second slower and my hit rate was, I think, 7/18. I probably should have just stopped after the first shot or two, but I evidently have more in the way of persistence than I do brains.

Everybody has bad days. It’s obvious to me that’s all it was. I’m still improving in practice and will probably see that the next time I take it live.

2 thoughts on “Close Range Performance Update

  1. I have some really bad news “slinger” the older you get the more of them kinda of days,speed /flawless presentation may well be replaced by shooting before any signal and then you have more time ,while everybody else is trying to figure out what the heck just happened- just saying (smiley face0

  2. The biggest issue for me at the moment with my AR is consistency. Actually that’s across the board with the shotgun and even pistol as well. For me actual live fire trigger time, especially match trigger time, has been the answer. I hate using matches as training but that seems to be where I am. As I compete more and more my mistakes have decreased and performance has gotten better. There’s nothing like being on the clock under watchful stranger eyes to motivate me to speed up my presentations and splits. As my skills improve my times and mistakes have gone down. Not drastically but measurably. The year is young yet but I’m hopeful that my improvement ill progress. I will say that as I shoot more and my gun familiarity gets better I’m better able to divorce my active mind away from gun handling and let my body just do what it knows how to do.

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