Gettin’ Schooled

It turns out that this blogging thing brings with it some unique and very interesting opportunities that are not available to just anyone. I get correspondence from some very cool people from all over the world. About a year ago a got a message from a guy named Russ Clagett in Texas. Since then I’ve been talking back and forth with Russ regularly.

Russ was a police sniper until the early 2000s when he went to Afghanistan and Iraq as a sniper. He then served as a Master Gunner with the 36th infantry division. Prior to his career as a police officer Russ was also in the Marine Corps and was part of their marksmanship team.  Russ is also on the advisory board for the American Sniper Association, and is the author of a book called “After the Echo“.  By the way, Russ never submitted a resume of this stuff to me.  He has always presented himself to me as a normal guy.  I just happened to find out this stuff along the way.   I have come to find out that on top of these qualifications, he is the real deal, knows his stuff, and has been there and done that, so to speak.

For some reason Russ began reading my blog regularly. We’ve been having a regular email conversations since. Recently he offered me the opportunity to attend an advanced LE Sniper course he teaches. Obviously this isn’t an opportunity that comes along for anyone, so I jumped at the chance, both to meet Russ and to get some training that I would likely otherwise never have access to. All I had to do was to get myself to Texas for the training.

Over the next few posts I’ll go over my experience training with Russ. I was very interested to see how I held up against Texas law enforcement snipers. Stay tuned.


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