Golden Mags

At least you’d think they were made of gold by looking at the price.  I’m not even going to consider disclosing how much they cost.  If you really want to know, go shopping for some.  Then send them to me because you enjoy reading my articles so much.  Or just buy a Sako rifle.  Actually, that works a lot better in terms of justifying expensive purchases to the wife.  “What’s wrong Dear?  I bought a matching set for each of us?  Where are you going?  What’s the suitcase for?” 

After waiting forever to get them from Brownells at a cheaper price than I could find anywhere else, I finally got too worried that Sako would finally completely discontinue mags for the 75.  The Brownells gun tech just told me to call Midwest Gun Works.  Instead I just ordered them online.  They shipped fast and I can now make use of the detachable mag instead of just having a cool system I can’t make use of.  Again, Sako, I know you’re listening: “JUST PUT A SECOND MAG IN THE RIFLE BOX BEFORE YOU SHIP IT.  THEN RAISE THE PRICE OF THE RIFLE A LITTLE BIT.  IT WILL SAVE US FROM HAVING TO GET ANNOYED AT YOU BY SEARCHING THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH!!! 

Here’s a picture of five mags joyously dancing in a circle:

Thank you for putting up with this shameless lack of actual content.

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