11 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. But… But… But…

    Super Operator Pro Elite Tactical Cross-Body Sling usage?!?!? You’re such a tease.

    Just kidding. Go enjoy a beverage and take ‘er easy for awhile. 🙂

    • Well, the short story is that the cross body sling had mixed results in standing, sometimes the same precision but faster and sometimes less precise. In kneeling the cross body sling works just like a loop and actually produced a better groop than the loop [sic]. Because of the angle of the upper body and the nature of the support the cross body sling doesn’t have a great effect in other positions that I can see. Group pics are on my flickr account for those skilled in interpretation.

      Dang. I’m not even going to look at this blog for a few days.

  2. Smart move. Thanks for the fine articles so far. It will take a little time to thoroughly study them. If it ever warms up (6 deg in central VA this morning) I plan to run that sling vs. unsupported standing test.

  3. Thanks for your efforts and the documentation. Just remember, this is part of “having a life ” and as fun as it gets, just remember to rebalance from time to time.

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