Messed Up Positions

I’m soliciting opinions from y’all on what you consider to be the most challenging positions in terms of getting correct eye relief and a good sight picture. I’m thinking of non-standard shooting positions (other than sitting, prone, offhand).

Thanks for your help.

14 thoughts on “Messed Up Positions

  1. Ouch!!!

    But what if it’s kind of like prone, in that you put the butt into the shoulder pocket and have your firing hand index finger actuating the trigger? You’ve GOTTA admit that I have a point there, don’t you? šŸ™‚

  2. Not even close. If I understand you correctly you just now argued that having the buttstock in the shoulder pocket and your trigger finger on the trigger makes it a prone position? Your “point” is about as sharp as a bowling ball.

  3. In Australia people do a lot of shooting of vermin (invasive pest species: cats, dogs, foxes, goats, pigs etc.) out of cars under lights. Shooting out of the right side of a vehicle if you are right handed can make for some akward positions if you have to shoot far right rather than 45degrees of forwards. makes for a really twisted position.

  4. I find the upright prone (with the bottoms of both feet on the ground, and no other contact with external support) to be the most difficult.

    • Upright prone is just a bit more difficult than kneeling prone, which is about on par with squatting prone. Sitting prone is just a bit easier. The belly position seems to be the most accurate.

  5. o “Urban” prone: Both feet planted on your front tire, laying on your primary firing side, shooting at an E-type at ~50-100 yards is challenging. It’s a tough one especially for me, all the up down left right is jacked up.
    o Angled shooting wall (easy to make). This wall will challenge you, as long as you tilt your rifle in the directions of the cutouts. It will develop your “wonky” positions skills. (
    o One handed. Standing, sitting kneeling, upside down, one handed anything bites.
    o bonsaijapan said out of a vehicle, and that is an excellent skill set to adopt and maintain, just try changing a magazine in the driver’s seat. Please double up on the ear pro, it’s loud in that little metal box.
    Just my two bits worth, have fun! šŸ™‚

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