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I walked out this morning (not this morning as you read it, but as I write it) and posted a target. It’s actually about 140 yards from my back door, but at the position I’m shooting from it’s exactly 100 yards (as the Zeiss measures it anyway). It’s hard to convey how nice that is. This is a recent development in my life; one of those opportunities that I wasn’t too chicken to take on.

A pallet leaned up against a “T” post makes a workable target backer. I only have 100 yards set up for now. 200 and 300 will be easy to do once I have more time.

The ground was pretty crunchy. Not the right day for me to be running around barefoot.

My cold bore shot was as close as one can reasonably expect to be, inside of 0.1 mils (one click) to the center of the target.

IMG_4869 a

If I were to take my cold shot as an indication of how “on” my zero is I would probably just call it good and leave well enough alone. Some guns are funny, and cleaning will change things, though I haven’t cleaned since I gave it the once over after my return from Texas.

A subsequent 10 shot group told a more complete story. The center of the group was approximately 0.42” right and 0.14” up. The On Target program figures the group size as 1.143 MOA, which is better than I’ve shot with this rifle for a while. It had been pretty much a 1.5-1.6 MOA gun for a while. The cold bore shot fits within it, so that is a nice bonus.

1-5-13 10 Shot Prone Bipod

The group seems to indicate the need for a zero adjustment 0.1 mils left, but I’m going to take one more shot or group before I decide to go with it.


Total 2014 shots fired from the Rem 700: 11


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  1. Always nice to have a range out your door. And still I don’t shoot as much as I would like. Let us know how you improve the range over time.

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