Art of the Rifle, by Jeff Cooper
A Rifleman Went To War, by H.W. McBride
Leather Sling and Shooting Positions, by Jim Owens
Sight Alignment, Trigger Control, and the Big Lie, by Jim Owens
Reading the Wind and Coaching Techniques, by Jim Owens
The Rifle Shooter, by David Tubb
Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Rifle Marksmanship, by Peter Lessler
With Winning in Mind, by Lanny Bassham
Handloading for Competition, by Glen Zediker
Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting, by Bryan Litz
The Hunting Rifle, by Townsend Whelen
The Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns, by Jack O’Connor
Practical Shooting: Beyond Fundamentals, by Brian Enos


Sniper’s Hide


The 10/22 Companion

Emptor Maven
The Everyday Marksman
Fearless Preparedness
The Firearm Blog
Firearm User Network
Julie G
The Michael Bane Blog
Optics Thoughts
Recoil Sports
The Truth About Guns
Warrior Class

Gun Blog Black List
No Lawyers- Only Guns and Money
Pistol Training
Precision Rifle Blog
Sepulveda’s Revenge
Shangrila Towers
The Silicon Graybeard
South of Charm City (Livin the Dream)
Stately McDaniel Manor
The Vulgar Curmudgeon


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  2. i’ve just found this site via ‘the firearm blog’and i’m very happy to have done so.
    Is there a way for me to subscribe?so not to miss any further posts,etc.

    p.s. duh! just read the bottom part!

    • Brian,

      Ask and you shall receive! I added a widget on the sidebar of my blog for subscribing.

      Thanks for your nice comment.


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