I didn’t intend to publish the previous post.  I wrote it a week or two ago and just kept pushing back the scheduled publish date, and it finally just went out.  I’ve been rethinking it, and I don’t think distinguishing between medium range marksmanship style shooting and medium range field shooting is a valid one.  I’m leaning towards considering only how the bullet hits the target, how large the target is, and how long it takes to hit it.

Thanks to Karl and Federalist for helping me to come to that conclusion.


3 thoughts on “Revision

  1. I’m thinking that there is a delicate and subtle distinction between the two, but they are still “joined at the hip” since they cover the same requirements.

    Range shooting creates and measures skill sets in a relatively static, repeatable, and consistent environment. Field shooting takes this skill set from the “lab” or “classroom” and tests it in the real world. Learning/measuring, then actual application. You have to start someplace to get the skills first, otherwise you have nothing to bring to the table.

    • It is hard, but I think that is because we are both Appleseed influenced shooters, and I think that learning to shoot the AQT well has taken on for me sort of a priority of its own. I realize that it isn’t the perfect test of field skill, but it’s valid in it’s own way as a test of part of the puzzle for that range spectrum.

      I’m still mulling this standard thing over. It’s not clear to me now, but I hope it becomes more so.

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