Rolling Out the Noveske

I got some scopes in the mail for testing, so I figured I might as well start shooting this thing now that I could put a sight on it. I cleaned and lubed it prior to firing (actually I did that a few weeks ago).  I put a US Optics SR-8 Red Dot (1-8×27) on it.  I’ll have a lot more to say about this scope in the near future.  The unloaded weight of the rifle in this configuration is approximately 8.5 lbs.

I don’t have any ammo to really test how well this rifle shoots, but I thought it just as well to see what it does with some Federal XM193 that I have sitting around. Ball ammo will be plenty precise to do most of the scope testing I want to do for a while, and I’ve seen this ammo shoot pretty well before (~MOA groups with 3-5 rounds). I figured a magazine full would get me started.


The scopes came with Larue mounts, so while I normally might start out at closer range, I figured that he probably had it close enough to get me on paper.

It’s not hard to figure you’re gonna be on paper when it’s this size.

I didn’t use a bipod, as I don’t have a bipod rail for this rifle. I rested the handguard on my pack while I supported the buttstock with my support hand. It’s not the optimal way to get good groups, but it’s not that bad either.  The mild recoil of the 5.56 didn’t move the sights at all off target, which was very cool for me.  It makes me want to shoot it with a bipod just to experience it, but it seems a bit much for a 5.56 AR.  

I had drawn dots on the butcher paper with a sharpie that were approximately 1/2”. The reticle covered the dots, but I was able to tell pretty much when it was on. I held on the bottom dot that I drew, and got a group a bit low and to the right. Without taking a trip downrange, I measured the distance from point of aim to point of impact in the reticle, and adjusted the turrets accordingly, 2.0 mils up and 1.8 mils left. It turned out to be pretty close.


The cold bore shot was not the outlier in the first group. I don’t know what happened there. I was just watching this tiny group appear until that high one hit. The second group was likely mostly a matter of me not really being able to see the dot. Once I knew I would really be on paper I put up a target I could actually see.

12 Shot GroupIt turns out I couldn’t count very well for my first two groups. This one had 12 shots. It’s not a one-holer to be sure, but it’s not really too bad either. Here’s a more detailed look:

12 Shot Noveske Federal XM193 1-25-14 100 Yards

A 1.458 MOA 12 shot group with ball ammo off a pack just really isn’t that bad. I’m excited to work up some reloads. What I have on hand is quite a few 69 grain Sierra Match Kings (I came across them very inexpensively) and a few pounds of Tac. We’ll see what happens.

Total rounds through the Noveske: 30

2 thoughts on “Rolling Out the Noveske

  1. Those are some pretty impressive results considering the ammo used. Noveske makes some nicely accurate barrels, but I think you will find that even with the Matchkings you will need to load close to full NATO pressure to achieve optimal accuracy.


    • That sounds consistent with my limited experience with that bullet and powder combo. Hopefully I can give it a try soon.

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