Strike of the Accursed Black Spot

I had a rematch with Young Miss Rifleslinger at the Black Death Challenge.  She beat me last time 15 points to 1 point.  Of course I let her shoot from 25 yards while I shoot from 50.  Her beginner’s luck must have done run out.


I wasn’t sure if I even scored a point.  I was happy though.  I did better than last time.  8 points to her 1.


She made sure that I let you know that when she beat me it was by a much larger margin.  I made sure she remembered that I was shooting from twice as far.  She got real quiet (probably mad).

2 thoughts on “Strike of the Accursed Black Spot

  1. Well, everyone has better days than others. Glad to see that you came back from behind, but it also looks to me as if YMRS only needs a little better NPOA or a marginal sight adjustment to wax you again.
    How does the Black Death scoring go? Do the scoring shots have to be entirely within the white dot?

    • Well, I hope she gets good enough to beat me again, but I’m not going without a fight.

      Yes, the shots can’t touch the black at all or else all the points for that target are nullified.

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