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The basic premise of the blog started as one shooter, one rifle, and one load starting in the known then adapting to whatever seemed to come up.  One thing that I’ve discovered is that it isn’t necessarily cost effective to burn up hundreds of Lapua D46 match bullets per month.  For that matter, there are a lot of bullets and powder combinations that I haven’t tried.  I really just picked the D46 kind of arbitrarily because Germán Salazar likes it.  I’m going to do some pricing and experimentation.  Let’s just say I haven’t found my one load yet and move on.  I’m sure you’ll get over it.  I have a small quantity of Sierra 190 grain MatchKings, and 1000 155 grain Custom Comp bullets.  Those will work better with the powder I have on hand anyway while I do some research on new loads.  This will also ease up on recoil, although it really hasn’t been bothering me lately.

Another thing I’ll probably do a little more of is practice with the Remington 700 .308.  I just have more ammo available for it.  Maybe then I can actually do some more live fire practice.  Speaking of more ammo, I’m going to use the .22 more as well.  When I post results, I’ll still use the Sako.  You won’t even really know the difference.

Speaking of the Sako, I lightened the trigger to about 2.5 lbs.  It’s easily adjustable, so why not?  I may go down to 2, and I really can’t see any reason not to.  For some reason I just stopped at 2.5.

If you remember my original post about my Sako, I only have one mag for it, which is stupid.  Sako makes great rifles, but they nail you on the accessories.  Sako, it would be really classy if you threw in an extra mag, even if it meant raising the price.  I’ve been throwing money at Brownells trying to pick up some spare mags.  It’s not been working so far.  The stainless version has been discontinued, and the blued version is perennially out of stock.  I have some on backorder (money throwing incident #1).  Meanwhile, using the rifle schematic, I located the components for the mags in stock and bought some.  The components cost about $20 more per mag than just buying a mag.  Here are the components:

Do you see anything missing?  Of course you do!  They apparently don’t sell the floorplates!!!  The schematic could lead one to believe that the floorplates are included with the mag bodies because there’s no separate floorplate in the picture.  Apparently in Beretta’s world, you don’t need a complete magazine.  They’ll just sell you enough parts to make you go crazy (or maybe switch to a Winchester???!!!).

I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with Brownells today, mostly on hold.  I think the tech got tired of me, but he kept asking if I’d looked here, there, webpage over there, and I tell you I’VE BEEN TO THE END OF THE INTERNET LOOKING FOR THESE THINGS!!!  He finally just told me to ask Midwest Gun Works.

Aside from gear, this month I’m covering the seated position, which is comprised of three variations.  I’ll also be covering rice paddy prone (aka squatting).  Instead of breaking up each position into multiple part articles, as I have done so far, I’m just going to hit each one in a single article and move on.  I’m sure your starting to get it, and I don’t need to repeat myself (except for the guy sitting by the door waiting for the bell to ring, but he’s probably not going to get it no matter what).  We’ll also be covering ball and dummy, natural point of aim, the effects of stress and pulse rate on firing a shot, and hits vs. groups in evaluating performance.  This is a pretty dense month, information-wise.

Other than that, no major changes.  Lots of dryfire, and the bolt just keeps getting smoother.  I did switch to SLIP 2000 EWL for gun oil.  That stuff is slick!  I coat the bolt, then wipe it down prior to greasing the lugs.  The Sako action just feels like glass.

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