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I bought this device a few months back, but I haven’t had the opportunity to bring y’all up to speed on everything that I did over the summer yet.  One day I had this idea in my head, and I typed into Google the words that came most readily to mind that expressed my idea.  The words were “self healing rifle target ball”.  Miraculously, the exact thing that I wanted popped right up:


It didn’t pop right into my hand, but I think I ordered it online for $20 to $25.  In a nice turn of coincidence, the ball is 4” in diameter, which is the size of the target I’m training myself to shoot.

While paper targets provide the richest source of information with regard to each shot and the total shooting performance, reactive targets have the benefit of being, uh, reactive.  This target has the added bonus of moving after it’s hit.

I’ve had the ball for a few months now, and haven’t used it too much since my experiments have required me to shoot paper.  It doesn’t roll quite as readily as I would like, since it’s pretty heavy.  I haven’t hit it with a .308 yet, only 9mm and .223.  I’m sure if someone hit it with a .45 ACP its knockdown power would cause the ball to jump so far as to disappear out of sight, but I haven’t tried that either.

I was curious if it was retaining some of the bullets.  I weighed it before and after a shooting session.  I don’t know if it is retaining bullets, but I can’t think of any other reason that it would be gaining weight (candy, pasta, and baked potatoes???).



It did retain some of the bullets.  It also looks like it might not be completely self-healing.  I’ll keep you updated on what I do with it and how it handles it.

4 thoughts on “Target Ball!

  1. I have a moving target similar to this one, apparently made out of the same material. I’ve shot it with both .22 rimfire and 5.56. Surprisingly, the target shows more damage (albeit very little) with the 22 LR. Must be the hollow points.

  2. I hung mine on a piece of baling twine and with a mp 15/22 you WILL get rid of any excess 22lrs you have lying about .Take couple pieces of rebar and bend them into a U then wire or clip them together ,spread the legs out and you have a stand anywhere swinger, BTW will be trying the “stack foot” on younger shooters having some troubles with adult size rifles ,I think it has potential

  3. I wonder what the difference is between shooting reactive targets and plain ol’ plinkin? Actually I think shooting non-paper targets can be valuable. A soda can may not be a very challenging target at 20 yards, but it is challenging at 200 yards. Set up a row of soda cans at 200 yards and see how long it takes to knock em all down. (and how many shots) My non-paper targets of choice are the many hickory nuts that litter my yard much of the year. Since achieving a goal in a specified time frame was one of rifleslinger’s goals perhaps a dozen target balls would be worthwhile… Or soda cans, or

    • I think plinking can be useful. The instant feedback is nice. Having to reacquire the target after it moves is a bonus too. What I like about the target ball is that it isn’t useless trash at the end, although hickory nuts are probably biodegradable. A dozen of them would be cool. I was thinking even three would be nice.

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