The Kneeling Position- Part 3


I mentioned in The Kneeling Position- Part 2 that I had spent some significant time on kneeling earlier in the year.  I felt like I pretty much had it as good as I could reasonably expect, with my 5 shot 2.6 MOA target from the Remmy.  I expected that I would still be shooting about that well.

My first trip to the range proved me wrong.  In part 2 I alluded to the position of the rear (firing side) foot and that it shouldn’t be directly under, but more to the strong side on the glute.  This first trip was before I had that little revelation.  Note that I don’t go to the range and shoot millions of rounds to bring back a fantastic, non-representative group.  Remember, I’m cheap.  There has to be a really good reason for me to want to take a second live fire attempt at something.  Anyway, here’s what I did:

Wow, that was bad!  I shot an offhand group that was better than that about five minutes earlier.  Actually the offhand group was 1/4″ bigger, but 4 were in the black and 7 could be covered by a clay.  The above target was also featured in the recent Loop Sling article.

As mentioned earlier, I made some progress after that range trip.  I went back and set out 3 clays and loaded up the Remmy with 5 shots.  I’m sorry to be using guns other than  #1, but I have a bit more .308 than 30-06 right now.  Each shot hit a clay, then pieces of them (that I was aiming at) after I broke the 3 whole ones.

Switching back to #1 with 10 rounds yielded this:

About 6.5″.  The 4 shots on the left never should have been fired.  My first 5 shots were pretty good.  My focus just wasn’t there for the second mag.  What can I say?  I think the heat probably got to me, which it should not have and is not a defense.  I shot a 10 round group with the Remington that was about an inch better, but I found that less than thrilling, and it reinforced that this group wasn’t a fluke.  It also reinforced that actually hitting objects instead of paper is a little better for me.  Expect a future article about hits versus groups.

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  1. I think these articles about the kneeling position are really good and useful.
    I enlisted in bootcamp in the Danish Army a week ago, and we’re going to the range to shoot live fire thursday.

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