The Spiral Staircase of Learning

Rifle shooting is a vast subject.  Even with the limited skill set that I’m pursuing, there are a daunting number of things to work on.  Sometimes when I work on a skill, progress is easy and rewarding.  Other times it’s like hitting a brick wall.

I believe that in learning, the mind has to be ready to take in and process the information before it’s received.  There has to be something already in place to connect the new information with.  You could say that it needs to be primed.  Too much trying to learn is inefficient.  We have a limited amount of time in our lives with which to work, and the amount is uncertain.  We just can’t afford to squander our resources.

Since shooting is one of those things that one can never really master, we need to keep working at it.  Since there are a lot of facets to shooting, we need to have variety in our practice.  Since it’s easy to hit a wall with one part of shooting, we can move on and come back to it later.

Think of these skills not as things that have been visited, learned/acquired, and done with/checked off like rungs of a ladder that don’t need to be revisited, but like a spiral staircase.  You keep coming back around to things, but the level you visit them at keeps getting higher.

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