Then and Now: What Changed- #4 Bogged Down

Yesterday I talked about how finding better ways to measure and analyze my groups has been a significant improvement over how I had been approaching these things in the past.  There has also been a downside.  Sometimes it seems as though I spend more time analyzing things instead of shooting.

Early this year I went a little crazy with the pains I went to get my zero on the Remington as absolutely perfect as I possibly could.  I found that even a 10 shot group wouldn’t quite do the trick, and ended up superimposing 6 10-shot groups before I was happy.  It was a time consuming process, but sometimes I have to go to great lengths to satisfy my strange curiosities about shooting.

After On Target TDS came along I began uploading a photo and/or scan of every target I shot into the computer and measuring it.  Sometimes just playing with a new toy can override the purpose that it was obtained for.  I began to devise new ways of measuring and new things to measure.

A little later in the year, the AR seemed to dominate my attention.  I think that the scope test I just finished with was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and it was a huge learning experience.  It was also a ton of work.  I think that the time I spent shooting was almost insignificant in comparison to the time I spent planning, preparing, setting up, recording, analyzing, and writing about the shooting.

During that time, I made the decision to delay evaluating my progress in meeting my last short term goal because the opportunities that came along were too good to pass up.  It’s rare that I get $10,000 worth of scopes sent to test out, and I don’t regret it.  It does, however, concern me that I’ve delayed my stated goal several months so far.

So my pursuit “practical riflery” has been less practical than I would like, which is a huge irony for me since I have had a range outside my back door for the last 8 months.  That is coming to an end, which hopefully will coincide with my rifle practice becoming more practical.

One thought on “Then and Now: What Changed- #4 Bogged Down

  1. OMG …looking, nay, thinking back to my second opinion comment on 9/3/14’s blog…then reading the last sentence of your first paragraph is as Yogi Berra said “It’s déjà vu all over again”.

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