U.S. Optics SR-8c: Test 2 Results

Box Drill

As I described before, this test uses directional transitions to test the friendliness of the optic to target acquisition.  Two target stands are placed approximately 7 yards apart.  Each target stand is 8′ tall and has a target at the bottom and a target near the top.  The shooter stands equidistant from each stand so that they are both approximately 10 yards from the shooter.

 The shooter’s view.

The directional order of engagement is :

1. Start at the top left target.
2.  Right
3.  Diagonal, down/left
4.  Up
5.  Diagonal, down/right
6.  Left
7.  Diagonal, up/right
8.  Down
9.  Diagonal, up/left

If everything goes correctly, the result is three shots on the upper left target and two on each of the others.  The first shot acts as a “zero” point since a transition is really what happens between shot and I was measuring 8 directional transitions, which means I needed 9 shots.  I fired this course of fire 4 times with each optic.  This was the first time I had ever shot this drill, although approximately 2 months earlier I had practiced it in dry fire sufficiently to get the rather complex pattern down.

I used the same targets for all four runs, pausing between to take a photo so I could deduce what hits came from which run.  What I could not tell was which hits come from which individual shots within a run, which would have been interesting as well.  Here are the targets after the entire four runs were shot.

SR-8 X Drill

Here are the average shot times from all four runs:

1.  1.26
2.  1.37
3.  1.25
4.  1.23
5.  1.36
6.  1.45
7.  1.29
8.  1.09
9.  1.36

Total Average time: 11.65
Total Average Points: 43.75
Average points per shot: 4.86
Average Hit Rate: 89% (40/45)
Average hits per second: 0.69
Average Points per Second: 3.75

I think a clean run in 9 seconds (or equivalent score, 1 hit/second or 5 points per second) would be about the minimum acceptable standard.  As with the previous test, my own performance goals really have nothing to do with the optic, and this is a baseline.  Plus, it doesn’t bother me either way.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “U.S. Optics SR-8c: Test 2 Results

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not dizzy at all and 10 having difficulty standing, I would say a 1.

    • I’m in awe. I got dizzy just trying visualize your movements.
      Or maybe it was the Pinot Noir…

      • Just take it one shot at a time. It’s not as bad as it looks. The sequence is all clockwise, but there’s no sensation of going in a circle because each shot is a punctuation. Then you can think of it as a series of triangles that roll through the target array. I did get confused for at least one shot in the last two times I did this test. That shows up as a 1.5-1.8 second split when there should be something closer to 1. It feels like it should be a three second split because there are so many different mental things going on. The one bad split is offset plenty by the other 35, so I don’t sweat it.

        It was probably the Pinot.

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