U.S. Optics SR-8c: Test 3 Results

I placed 3 of my standard targets at 25 yards.  Starting position is low ready, chamber loaded, 4 in the mag (5 total in rifle).  Upon start signal, five rounds are fired from unsupported standing into first target.  The rifle is then reloaded with a 10 round mag, and 5 rounds are fired into the second target from any unsupported kneeling position.  The shooter transitions to unsupported prone and fires 5.  There is a “soft” 15 second par time, which means that any shot fired after the 15 seconds is counted at half score.  In the event that one target contains shots fired from both before and after the par time, the best scoring x number of shots (x = number of shots on that target after par time) will be counted as half.  Minimum passing score is 15 hits in 15 seconds (score = 1) or 75 points in a quarter minute, 75/0.25 = 300.  I inadvertently jacked the par time up for this drill based on a miscommunication.  It should be 20 seconds, but I left it as is because I have too many other things to do than to go over my spreadsheets again and recalculate.

This was a drill suggested by SLG (friend, reader, frequent commenter).  I did modify the drill from it’s original version, but not in any substantive way.  It’s modified in size and distance, both of which were done in a way to basically maintain the scale of the original with a different size target.  The basic idea of the drill for my purposes here is to test the friendliness of the scope with a small, but relatively complete array of shooting positions.  Sitting, which is typically the most extreme of the orthodox position in terms of eyebox, is notably absent but the brevity and lower round count of this test makes it good for the purposes here.  I had originally considered shooting each scope with an AQT as well, but this test does a lot of the same things in far fewer rounds, albeit with much more stringent time requirements and much less stringent accuracy requirements.  Think of this as a close range AQT (and ignore the fact that they’re shot at almost the same distances- this doesn’t use a reduced target).

I completed 2 runs of this drill.  My average raw points were 76.5 total of the 120 total possible (75 required to pass) .  My average time was 29.08 seconds.  My average corrected points after penalties were 54.5.  My average hit rate was 80% (12/15).  My average hits per second were 0.41.  My average points per minute were 112.95 of the 300 minimum passing (37.65%).


SR-8 DD25 Standing


SR-8 DD25 Kneeling

SR-8 DD25 Prone

I can’t help but feel that this test is not testing very much of the optic, but testing more of my shooting, which at this time is showing my non-stellar-ness as a carbine shooter.  No problem.  I’ll stick the numbers in a spreadsheet and see how the different optics compare.

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